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Encyclopædia Britannica 2000 CD-ROM
Multimedia Edition

The Authoritative Classic in Home Reference

In terms of the depth and breadth of content, speed, and ease of use, there is no better electronic encyclopedia. Britannica CD’s unique features provide you with all the information you need, in a two-disc CD-ROM format convenient for your Windows® 95 or Windows® 98 computer at home, at work, or away at school.

Knowledge for the Information Age

More than just another multimedia encyclopedia, Britannica CD turns information into understanding through its unique circle of learning, so you can see how facts and ideas combine to form the big picture. You can generate comparative charts and graphs, analyze subjects by timeline overviews, or branch out to the Internet for further exploration -- all part of Britannica’s circle of knowledge.

Product Details

Not only is it one of the most informative CD-ROM encyclopedias available, Britannica CD 99 Multimedia Edition is also one of the greatest values in home computing! Stay current with Britannica CD Internet links updates, available online at no cost. Maximize your investment in your Windows 95 or Windows 98 computer by turning it into a full-service, general reference library!

Short List of Big Features
bullet Easy-To-Use Multimedia Encyclopedia for the Whole Family
bullet Search or Browse Your Way to Knowledge
bullet Animations and Videos for Rich, Informative Learning
bullet Over 8,000 Colorful Photos and Illustrations and 1,200 Maps
bullet More Than 30,000 Related Internet Links
bullet Online Updates
bullet 1.4 Million Cross-Referencing Hyperlinks
bullet Dynamic Custom Graphs, Charts, and Tables
bullet Over 73,000 Articles, With Complete Index
bullet Expert Contributors, Including Many Nobel Prize Winners
bullet Understand Events in Context With Timelines
bullet Explore In-Depth Spotlight Topics
bullet Create Customized Reports and Graphs With Ease Using Analyst
bullet Journey Through 190 Nations With Compass
bullet Built-In Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Tenth Edition
bullet User’s Guide and 24-Hour Technical Support

System Requirements
bullet Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or
Windows NT® 4.0 operating system
bullet 75 MHz or higher Pentium® processor (or faster)
bullet 16MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended)
bullet 80MB available hard-disk space
bullet 4x CD-ROM drive or faster
bullet SVGA monitor/display card 800x600,
256 colors minimum (16-bit Hicolor recommended)
bullet Windows-compatible sound device
bullet Windows-compatible mouse
bullet Windows-compatible printer
bullet Internet access option requires modem

Britannica CD 99 Standard Edition is available for Windows® 3.1 and Macintosh systems.

Britannica DVD 99 is available for Windows® 95 and Windows® 98 DVD-ROM systems.

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