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Partition Magic
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Partition Magic


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Partition Magic

Are you getting the most out of your hard drive?

For years, power users have understood the secret of mastering hard drives--hard disk partitioning. Dividing a hard drive into several partitions lets you efficiently organize operating systems, programs, and data. Until PowerQuest's PartitionMagic came along, modifying partitions was a nightmarish task demanding that you back up your data, delete existing partitions, create and format new partitions, re-install the operating system and finally, restore the data (which hopefully wasn't destroyed along the way). If you wanted to modify your configuration, you had to repeat the entire, day-long process.

With PowerQuest's PartitionMagic 4.0, optimizing a hard drive without destroying data is as easy as clicking your mouse. Now even the novice computer users can visually create, format, shrink, expand and move hard disk partitions in minutes.

Safely Run Multiple OSs

bullet Create a separate NTFS partition for Windows NT.
bullet IBM's Boot Manager is included with Version 3.0, allowing you to safely use multiple operating systems.
bullet IBM's Boot Manager is completely integrated with Version 4.0, so adding partitions to your boot menu takes two clicks!
bullet PQ Boot utility allows booting multiple OSs.
bulletMaintain system integrity by running different operating systems in different partitions.

Reclaim Wasted Disk Space

bulletRecover up to hundreds of megabytes of hard disk space by resizing inefficient FAT clusters.
bulletGet critical system information faster and more accurately by using PartitionMagic's Check and Info options instead of Windows 95, OS/2, NT or DOS's CHKDSK utility.
bullet Find out exactly how much space you're wasting with our Cluster Analyzer with intuitive interface.
bulletEnsure optimum system compatibility since PowerQuest's PartitionMagic doesn't use any software TSRs or device drivers.
bulletDouble the number of Windows 95 root directories.
bulletExplore the advantages of IBM's High Performance File System.
bullet Explore the advantages of Microsoft's New Technology File System.

Organize and Protect Data

bullet Take advantage of NTFS security.
bulletCreate a separate partition for data to facilitate regular back ups.
bulletUse partitions to separate data from operating systems and applications.
bulletHide and Unhide partitions to protect data.
bulletTest new or unstable software in a separate partition.
bulletUse partitions as flexible super-directories to organize large numbers of files and directories.
bulletManage non-dedicated network servers more efficiently by separating server software from client software.
bulletConsolidate unused portions of several partitions into a larger, more useful block.

What will all this magical functionality help you accomplish?

PowerQuest's PartitionMagic was designed to help you combat the inefficiencies that come with large hard drive partitions. Version 4.0 supports all major platforms, including DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 NT, and OS/2. And, we've included so many great enhancements, it is a complete solution in one, very affordable, box. Here are some more of the features that help you fine tune your hard drive:

bulletIntuitive Graphical User Interface
bulletShrink, expand and move FAT and HPFS partitions with the click of a mouse.
bullet Extensive file system diagnostics.
bulletShrink, expand FAT cluster sizes.
bulletConvert FAT partitions to HPFS without destroying data on the partition.
bullet Convert FAT partitions to FAT32 (If your system supports it.)
bullet Convert FAT32 partitions to FAT16.
bulletCreate, resize, move, and delete FAT partitions.
bulletCreate, resize, move, and delete HPFS partitions.
bullet Create, resize, move, and delete NTFS partitions.
bullet Create, resize, move, and delete FAT32 partitions.
bullet Format FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and HPFS partitions.
bulletExpand the Windows 95 root directory to accommodate more long file names.
bullet Support for Windows NT 64 KB FAT clusters.
bulletSet the active partition.
bulletHide or Unhide partitions.
bullet UnInstaller Mover from MicroHelp
bullet Boot Manager from IBM.
bullet PQ Boot utility allows booting multiple OSs.
bulletCheck hard disk and cluster information.
bullet Cluster Analyzer with intuitive interface.
bulletProvide complete Partition Table diagnostics.
bullet More on-line help.
bulletSupport eight physical drives.
bullet PartitionCopy feature.
bullet Drive Mapper helps update drive letter references.
bulletRecover good clusters that are marked as bad.
bullet Set Label allows you to name and organize partitions.
bulletEnhanced information screen for super VGA resolutions.
bullet Enhanced documentation (over 200 pages) with step-by-step hard disk optimizing scenarios.
bulletAnd much much more...

Make your hard disk hassles disappear. Just say the magic word -- PartitionMagic -- and order your copy today.

System Requirements

Processor 386SX 486 or above
RAM 8MB (16MB required for FAT32 or NTFS 16 MB
CD-ROM Drive Any Speed Any Speed
Hard-Disk Free Space 8MB 8MB
Operating System Windows95
Windows 3.1
DOS 5.0
Windows 3.1
OS/2.1 or above
DOS 5.0 or above
Monitor VGA Super-VGA
Pointing Device No pointing device is required to operate Microsoft mouse (or compatible pointing device)


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