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OEM Services
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OEMCentral offers much more than just sales representation to its clients.

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Established Relationships

Because OEMCentral has more that 16 years direct sales experience with many target accounts, clients can leverage existing relationships.   We pretty much know the interests and needs of each individual OEM customer and how they want to do business.  We can greatly reduce the time associated with a long sales cycle because we call on the right people.  We know what they want (most of the time), when they buy and the terms and conditions with which they conduct business.

Leveraged One-Stop-Shopping for Target OEMs

It's extremely difficult to represent one product or category in the OEM market.  The current OEM market is dominated by players like Microsoft, The Learning Company, and Cendant who offer one-stop-shopping and are able to propose OEM agreements that include several categories.  Many of our clients specialize in one industry category only and just can't get the attention of their potential OEM partners - even though they are the best in their niche markets.   OEMCentral represents several client companies in many non-competing categories.   Quite often customers are initially interested in one product only, and later when we get in front of them they see value in the other products that we represent.

Prepare Client for OEM Sales

Many of our clients are new to the OEM channel and are not prepared for the long sales cycles, the OEM specific presentation materials that are needed and the internal resources needed to support OEM sales, marketing, and technical questions.  OEMCentral helps our clients set up a proven internal structure which leverages the existing structure with room for growth as OEM revenues increase.

Identify The Target Customer Profile/Needs

Quite often our clients have great technology or a good retail product, but their products just don't match the needs of the OEM customer, or they are concerned about cannibalizing sales at retail with low OEM prices, or both.   OEMCentral helps clients to identify strategies to build market dominance in their category while increasing overall sales and profits.  Sometimes special edition software is used to differentiate the core product from the retail product and also to focus in on the simplified needs of the OEM customer.

Develop OEM Channel Strategy

Satisfy the needs of the OEM customer which can be to enhance the "out-of-box" experience by the end-user, reduce support calls, and reduce costs -- while creating end-user demand for future upgrades and versions of the product for our clients.

Strategize Development

Initially, OEMCentral and our clients strategize on a workable game plan and based on feedback from OEM customers we will fine tune our sales and marketing efforts for the most effective market penetration possible.

Sales Training

OEMCentral has 12 years of OEM sales experience and offers this training to clients.

Contract Negotiations & Coordination

Many of our clients don't have a boilerplate OEM agreement and don't even have legal counsel with experience in this niche market.   OEMCentral has negotiated and authored dozens of OEM agreements - all approved by our client's legal counsel.  OEMCentral can provide example boilerplate agreements that are appropriate for today's market climate.  Providing these example agreements can result in considerable saving with regard to legal fees as well as speed up the process for producing an appropriate document for both the OEM customer and OEMCentral's client.

Account Maintenance

Once it's sold OEMCentral likes to keep it sold.   Our client customers find it difficult to get back into their OEM customer accounts to insure that they are satisfied with the product and the original deal, and that the competition isn't about to dethrone them.  Again, because OEMCentral represents several client companies it is able to keep in front of the OEM customer with other products and insure that customer satisfaction is maintained to head-off threats from competitors

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