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Adventure Racing

Team Rolex on the front cover of the 1998 Corsica Raid Adventure brochure at about 8,000 feet in the mountains on day 3 of the race.

Team Rolex was the first US team to participate in The Corsica Raid Adventure's nine year history.  The other 33 teams were from Corsica, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

This race was 8 days and 28 stages.  The events included mountain biking, sea kayaking, canyoneering, running, rappelling, rope circuits, and orienteering (not getting lost).


Front to back:  Jason Middleton, Mike Samis

Chris Minick, and Russ Eddy.

Jimmy McEroy suffered an ankle injury and Russ Eddy the cook and photographer took his place.  Jimmy took over the cooking duties, and did a great job.


Jimmie McElroy - Eco - Challenge Brochure.jpg (42171 bytes)

Jimmy McElroy, Captain, founder, and organizer of Team Rolex, on the cover of an ad for the next year's Eco-Challenge Adventure Race.

Team Rolex was the first team ever to register for an Eco-Challenge race.

Team Rolex was featured on a 30 minute spot on Dateline NBC in February 1997 for the 1996 Eco-Challenge held in Canada.



Team Rolex Members.JPG (33336 bytes)

Team Rolex Members

Corsica Raid Adventure

May 1997

Left to right:  Mike Samis, Jimmy McElroy, Chris Minick, Jason Middleton, and Russ Eddy who was the cook and photographer and replaced Jimmy on day three after Jimmy suffered a severe ankle injury.


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