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With PowerQuest's expertise and a lot of  feedback and tire-kicking from OEM customers, Drive Image SE has become a safe, reliable, simple and easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery solution for everyone, including unsophisticated consumers.

Drive Image SE allows manufacturers to create a sector-by-sector compressed image of the original factory state of a hard drive (on the hard drive or on a CD) and also allows end-users to create their own user image so that they don't lose their data, application loads and system preferences that they've added since the purchase of their computer system.

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Here are some of the advantages of using Drive Image SE:

bulletInexpensive:  Save the cost of a CD and additional hardware.
bulletReduce Costs: Create the factory image as the system is being produced which means that system manufacturers don't have to throw away recovery CDs that no longer match a changed disk image due to bug fixes, driver changes, or application bundle changes.
bulletConvenient:  No looking for a CD because the image is on the hard drive.
bulletCustomer Support:  Feedback from our OEM customers show that one out of four calls require system recovery.  Tech support personnel can avoid long support calls by having customers bring back their latest "user" image thereby saving their data, system setting and recent application loads.
bulletSpeed: A 600meg image can be restored or saved in less than 10 minutes.
bulletBullet Proof: Drive C could actually be reformatted, and the system could still be restored to either the user image or factory image.
bulletBuild-to-Order systems: Create build-to-order systems and add applications -- and still provide a factory image and a user image on-the-fly as you produce systems.
bulletIncrease Storage Device Upgrades Sales:  The solution of providing an image on the hard drive is short-term and is targeted towards the first 90 to 120 days of ownership.  Obviously if there is a hard drive failure, all data could be lost.   System manufacturers will still get the system back regardless to replace the drive. Once end-users get familiar with the concept and benefits of creating a new image for disaster recovery, PowerQuest has found that users will upgrade to the retail version of Drive Image and purchase removable media or add another internal hard drive.  The use of Drive Image promotes the purchase of fixed and removable storage devices.

Proven Reliability:   Drive Image SE has been extensively tested  by other computer manufacturers who have replaced their previous recovery technology with Drive Image SE either on CD or on the hard drive. Current announced OEM partners are Packard Bell/NEC, CyberMax, Quantex, Pionex, Winbook, Everex and others yet unannounced.

Drive Image SE Screen Shots Link

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