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Cover Page Vanity Fair  December 1989 Issue

First Talking Print Advertisement

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Centerfold Containing Integrated Circuit

Absolute Vodka Imported by Carillon Importers, NJ

ES3000 Sound Chip by ESS, Fremont, CA

Paper Ad Produced by Structural Graphics, CT

250,000 units produced at a cost of $5.50 not including magazine insertion cost.

This deal closed in August of 1988.

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Electronic Speech Systems has Patented Time-Domain Speech Synthesis Techniques that were used in talking ads, answering machines, speech sound effects and music for toys, mass transit systems and other applications.  As the only salesperson for this startup of 8 people with sales of $800,000 or so for several years, Chris took this company to $2.75 million within twelve months of his start date.

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